Climb Your Mountain.
We'll Lighten Your Load.

Get high quality exclusive property management leads, guaranteed to close.

You Have Mountain Sized Dreams For Your Property Management Company

Do you dream of new doors, more cashflow, leaving a legacy for others inside/outside your company, maybe even selling your company for a nice payday?

You know you need to be working on your business, not in your business
You juggle way too many balls: employees, tenants, payroll, competitors, an overflowing email inbox. You know you can't get to the top of your mountain working alone.

Let Geek lighten your load.
You know you need quality leads to grow your business and reach your dreams. Why not let us take the worry of finding those quality leads off your mind?

"What I appreciate about Geek most, more than their savvy, is that they hold themselves to one, and only one standard: results."

Jordan Muela

CEO and Founder, LeadSimple

Geek = Quality Property Management Leads

We guarantee that our leads are QUALITY leads. Here's how we do that:

Geek sells Leads Guaranteed to Close.

We guarantee that our Exclusive Leads will become doors at a closing rate we commit in writing to you... or we'll credit you. Isn't guaranteeing a close rate insuring that the leads are quality?

Geek sells Exclusive Leads to You. Once.

Exclusive Leads are sold to you ONLY. Once.  (We don't sell the same lead multiple times like All Property Management, Thumbtack and other lead generation sites do.)

For frequently asked questions about Geek services, click here.

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Who Are "The Geeks"?

We are a family owned business, owned by father (Mike, a licensed real estate broker for over 27 years) and son (Dylan, resident tech wizard), based in Seattle, Washington.

We’ve generated over 17,000 property management leads in the past 5 years in over 200 U.S. cities.

We are a certified Google Partner agency, Yelp certified agency and a NARPM affiliate member.

We are the authors of "Make It Ring: A Simple 3 Step Plan to Get Exclusive Property Management Leads", available on Amazon.

"The Geek Leads are the cheapest way for us to grow our business."

Kevin Knight

President, MPM, CRS, Liberty Management

Frequently Asked Questions About Geek's Services

Q: Tell me more about Geek Exclusive Leads.

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    Exclusive Leads are guaranteed. Exclusive Leads will become doors at a closing rate we commit to in writing... or we'll credit you.
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    You pay only for valid leads. Easily invalidate leads that are "no good".
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    Get more leads. If you need more leads, we can find them for you.
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    Get less leads. You control your leadflow. Adjust your desired lead goal downward & even pause leads if you need to.
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    Fixed price per lead agreed upon ahead of time. No auctions for you to mess with.
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    No contracts for you to sign. You can walk at any time, no penalties or fine print.
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    You get documented proof of every lead. Every lead has a paper or audio trail.

Q: How are Geek leads different than other property management lead generation companies?

A: Here's how we're different from other well known lead generation options.

All Property Management



Q: What do your leads cost? And are there other costs involved?

A: Lead costs do vary by location. Range for lead prices is $75-$150. You will get a firm quote on lead price if you choose to move to the next step and schedule a phone call with us.

We create every client’s campaigns custom, so they look to the prospect like the are YOU. We charge a nominal custom campaign creation set up fee of $497. This is a one time fee.

We also charge a deposit which is fully refundable should you ever leave us. Deposit amounts vary by size of market. You will get a firm number on deposit amount if you choose to move to the next step and schedule a call with us.

That’s it, no other costs.

Billing happens on a weekly basis. You are only charged for valid leads. If we don’t generate any leads, you don’t pay.

Q: I want to hear more about how you think about marketing. Where can I do that?

A: We have a resources page where you can find past webinars, podcasts and content we've produced.

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