Get Exclusive Property Management Leads

  • Pay for results: Pay only for real leads. Fixed price, no auctions.
  • Own your market: Every lead we generate goes only to one company... yours.
  • No risk: We don't ask you to sign a contract. Stay only if you're happy.

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“How do Geek exclusive leads work?”

  1. We agree on a price per lead. You pay a refundable deposit to lock down exclusive rights to a market. We set up your campaigns.
  2. Geek finds leads from many sources and send them to you via phone or email.
  3. You close the leads.
  4. Rinse and repeat.

That’s it, no need to overcomplicate it.

“How much do the leads cost me?”

Since rents and population and competition vary, the exact price per lead varies by market.. The real answer is “a fair price where both sides are making money”.

“How many leads will I get?”

Small markets may get 5-10 leads a month and 20-40 leads would be average for most larger metros.

“What do you mean by “exclusive” leads? “

As you may know, All Property Management may sell the same exact leads to multiple companies. FourandHalf may represent more than one company in a market. We are different. We sell our leads to exactly one company…you. We represent exactly one company in every area…you.

“How hard is it to keep track of my leads?”

All our customers get access to a private dashboard where a record of all leads is stored. You can use this dashboard to review your leads and mark any that are not valid. You never pay for renter calls, vendor leads, or even prospects that never respond to you (you do have to make a good faith effort to follow up).

“How are you different than other property management lead generation options?”

Get our guide comparing different lead generation options for property management companies here.