Make It Ring 

A Simple 3 Step Plan to Get Exclusive Property Management Leads

You need leads that are YOURS ALONE, prospects that are not shopping every property management company in the market. Our book “Make It Ring” explains how we generate exclusive leads and how you can do it too.

What is "Make It Ring" about?

Make It Ring Reviews

 Kevin Knight 

 President, Liberty Management 

"I love 'Make It Ring'. My copy has yellow highlights everywhere. I've had my staff read it. I've lost track of how many other property management owners I've told to read it. One idea I got from the book will make my company more than $150,000. I think every property management company owner should read this book (unless you're in a market Liberty is in, then you can skip it!)"

Lyle Haas

President,  Colorado Realty & Property Management

"I have really enjoyed reading Make It Ring!. The book has humor, personality and it makes good sense. When you're read it, better have your highlighter in hand because you are going to want to go back, find and implement the great ideas. I keep it on my desk and refer back to it often. I would recommend the book to anyone in the property management industry."

Jordan Muela

CEO, LeadSimple

"Texans have a saying about big talk and little action, “All hat, no cattle”. Mike and Dylan aren’t cowboys, but when it comes to generating owner leads they sure have roped a hell of a lot of cattle. Read 'Make It Ring', use it, return to it. This book is destined to become a classic. And remember to be like Mike and Dylan: Small hat, lots of cattle."